Jason Carr: Are Millennials killing cologne/eau de toilette/after shave?


DETROITJason Carr: So in the course of newsroom banter it was noticed that a veteran colleague who is decidedly not a Millennial was sporting a top of the morning cologne -scented aura. Perhaps after shave? Definitely a man’s man classic aroma in the Brut/Old Spice/Skin Bracer assortment one might find in abundance at your finer country clubs. Or in Brian Fantana’s smell-good cabinet next to Sex Panther by Odeon. He would not tell us the label and has no plans to. Much good-natured laughter ensued.

English Leather

Anyway, as these topics go, a conversation was soon started among myself (a reformed Polo/Obsession/Hugo enthusiast) and Local 4’s motley crew of younger bro’s, and it was centered on one key question: are Millennials killing cologne/eau de toilette/after shave?

One by one the fellas— all 30-ish and younger— allowed casually that they never took to wearing cologne and still don’t. Sure there were some admissions of having gone through an Axe body spray phase in their teens, but I may as well have asked them if they wear perfume (also a firm no).

When I was a kid it was practically a rite of passage, like sprouting whiskers. We watched our dads and grandfathers splash (or vigorously slap on) veritable palm ponds of English Leather or Pierre Cardin, usually after a close shave. My father went for the Pierre Cardin, which— combined with always-burning Marlboro Reds and his auto body work— made for a distinct aromatic blend in the close confines of his never-ending series of Corvettes. Add some exhaust fumes from the car’s side pipes and he could have bottled his own scent and called it Blue Collar Rick or Eau de Richard.

Now there are outliers. Our morning show technical director proudly wears the Millennial uniform of hat, plaid shirt, skinny jeans, boots and a belt loop key chain. And a carefully curated beard. He also confidently informed us he wears Sexy For Him from Victoria’s Secret. At least I think that’s what he called it. It’s just not noticeable like, say, Drakkar used to be at its peak.

Ugh, Drakkar.

Funny thing is, Millennial men seem so enamored of ye olde days (vinyl, mustaches, vintage anything) you’d think any potion made by Mennen would be right in their wheelhouse. Maybe it’s that, like my older colleague who wears his mystery cologne, it just has to go away as a thing first.

Only then will the air again be alight with pipe smoke, Blackbeard’s Delight, and the smell of machismo. But it won’t be Millennial men. They’ll be too old.

Am I right, all you Gen Z hipsters?

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