Video captures fatal encounter between Detroit police officer, man with sword

Man was urged to get mental health help earlier this month, sources say

DETROIT – Dramatic video of a violent incident between Detroit police and a man with a sword provided insight into Thursday’s deadly confrontation.

ORIGINAL STORY: Detroit police chief says man ‘swinging knives wildly’ in an intersection was shot, killed by an officer

It was the fourth officer-involved shooting in the city this month.

Shocking video of the encounter was posted on the Facebook page Metro Detroit News.

The video captures a Detroit police officer repeatedly tell a man dressed like a ninja to drop his sword.

“Drop it,” the officer shouts. “Drop the sword.”

The incident happened at about 7:15 p.m. Thursday near Grand River Avenue and Meyers Road on Detroit’s west side.

The officer can be seen in the video taking steps back as the man armed with a sword continues to step forward.

At one point, the man can be seen throwing something at the officer. At a press conference Thursday night, Detroit police chief James Craig said it was a dagger and it struck the officer just below his eye.

Authorities said they tried to use a TASER on the man, but he was wearing a thick vest and the electroshock weapon had no visible effect on him.

Officers said there was a concern the man was trying to get his hands on weapons inside a Detroit police cruiser.

Craig said his officers were forced to open fire, killing the man.

You can watch James Craig’s full press conference here.

Local 4 Defenders learned the man was 28-year-old Darrien Walker. Sources said police had contact with Walker on July 4 when they were called to a location on reports of a barricaded gunman. The situation ended peacefully and sources said the court was petitioned to get Walker immediate mental health help.

Police said the suspect had two daggers and a sword. (WDIV)
Police said the suspect had two daggers and a sword. (WDIV)

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