Family’s annual Christmas dinner helps less fortunate

DETROIT – For many Christmas isn’t just about getting gifts, it’s about giving back.

All across Metro Detroit people volunteered their time to provide meals for people in need.

A tradition that was started with the Domski family has left a legacy for generations.

“We decided instead of buying each other presents, that it was a nice thing to pull our money together and give back to the community,” Lisa Domski said.

For over two decades the annual Christmas dinner has been inviting anyone to come celebrate the festivities in more of a familial manner.

“We want to make them part of our family so when they come here they feel welcome,” Domski said.

They’ve had more than 400 guests this holiday season. Some have been routinely coming for years.

“Six or seven years ago I did not have anywhere to go on Christmas day and I came here and the Domski family welcomed me with open arms and I’m proud and privileged to be able to help them,” assistant chef Tom Ouellete said.

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