Detroit family reunited with dog missing for 5 months

DETROIT – A woman has been reunited with her dog after it went missing for five months.

Gigi Harris let her dog, Minnie, out briefly back in late July.

“She was let out to potty. She didn’t have her collar on that day because she just had a bath, and I went outside to bring her in and she was gone. I don’t know if she wandered off or someone took her,” said Harris.

She looked all over for Minnie for months.

"I was crushed. I stood on my porch, and called her name, and searched the neighborhood. I drove everywhere. I looked on Facebook pages for months, she said.

Harris was not sure if she would ever see Minnie again.

“I kinda started to lose hope because it’d been so long and I was hoping nothing bad happened to her. I wanted her home. I was so worried about her,” Harris said.

Then she stumbled across a Facebook post. A little girl found the dog on the east side, and gave it to the Detroit Pit Crew.

“A beautiful young lady. She is such an angel for saving her and returning her,” Harris said.

The Detroit Pit Crew checked Harris’ I.D. and Harris also showed them Minnie’s I.D. and collar to confirm the dog was hers. Minnie was returned to her on December 22.

“That was the best Christmas present ever,” Harris said.

Harris now wants to meet the little girl to return the favor.

“I actually bought her a Christmas present so I’m hoping I’m able to give it to her,” said Harris.

Harris is fostering another dog, Chopper, and is hoping someone will adopt him after January 19. She started fostering him after Minnie went missing. Chopper has all of his shots, and is home-trained.

More information on fostering dogs be found on the Detroit Pit Crew’s website here.