Michigan lawmakers split on President Donald Trump’s decision to kill top Iranian general

Drone strike in Baghdad kills Gen. Qasem Soleimani.

Local leaders weigh in Iran airstrike
Local leaders weigh in Iran airstrike

DETROIT – Michigan lawmakers are split on President Donald Trump’s decision to kill a top Iranian general. Meanwhile, Iran is promising retaliation for the killing of Gen. Qasem Soleimani.

Officials at the Pentagon said 3,500 additional troops will be deployed to the Middle East after Iran promised “severe revenge” for the death of Soleimani.

On Friday, the U.S. State Department advised all Americans to leave Iraq immediately.

The reactions to Trump’s decision has been mixed, but there are many lawmakers who don’t support the attack.

Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin has a unique perspective on the issue because she worked for the CIA and the Pentagon on such Middle East issues.

“I watched friends and colleagues get hurt or killed by Iranian rockets, mortars and explosive devices that were provided to Iraqi proxies and used against U.S. forces under Soleimani’s guidance,” Slotkin said in a statement. “What always kept both Democratic and Republican presidents from targeting Soleimani himself was the simple question: Was the strike worth the likely retaliation? The two administrations I worked for both determined that the ultimate ends didn’t justify the means. The Trump administration has made a different calculation.”

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Detroit Rep. Rashida Tlaib has sparred with Trump repeatedly, and her statement reflects that.

“The drone strike in Iraq ordered by the Trump administration is yet another reckless action made with no regard for the checks and balances set out by our constitution,” Tlaib said in her statement. “We cannot stay silent as this lawless president recklessly engages in actions that move us closer to yet another unnecessary war that will undoubtedly result in more bloodshed.”

Rep. Paul Mitchell supported the president’s decision.

“Gen. Soleimani was the central figure in planning and executing Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region and was responsible for the deaths of thousands of American service members in Iraq and throughout the Middle East,” Mitchell said in his statement. “The United States must continue to defend itself and its allies and must be prepared to address any response Iran chooses to pursue.”

Much of the Michigan congressional delegation is saying that while Soleimani was a dangerous terrorist, the president needs a plan going forward and needs to consult with Congress about the situation. They also said they oppose a war.

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