Livonia police searching for stolen Boy Scouts trailer

Trailer taken from Elks Lodge

LIVONIA, Mich. – Livonia Police need help finding a stolen trailer.

They said that trailer belonged to a local Boy Scouts group and it was stolen from this Livonia Elks Lodge. Police said the stolen van has damage on the side.

The members of Boy Scout Troop #732 had just finished their first troop meeting of the year when they noticed their trailer was missing.

“One of my adult leaders gave me a phone call, as I was on my way. He advised me that hey the troop trailer is not here,” said leader Brian Kirk.

Kirk said he originally thought someone may have taken the trailer home with them to work on it.

“Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. When we arrived, we found that someone broke the security locks and the only thing left was bit and pieces of the lock,” Kirk said.

The trailer was gone, along with everything in it.

“The gear that the Boy Scouts use for our troop, Troop 732 here in Livonia. We take this equipment and use it for camping. We had everything from a pair of folding tables, folding chairs, various tents that were in there, along with stoves, equipment, camp fire irons that I had made specially for the troops,” Kirk said.

But that’s not it -- pretty much all of the tools the boys need were in the trailer.

“I don’t know but the scoop that I heard is that we are not the only target on this one. Unfortunately, it’s been happening recently with a rash of other trailers that have been disappearing,” Kirk said.

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