Debate intensifies over delay of legal recreational marijuana shops in Detroit

Public shared opinion on Tuesday

DETROIT – Recreational marijuana won’t be allowed in Detroit until at least March 31.

Detroit City Council made the decision official on Tuesday and residents had plenty of say about the choice.

“We’re focusing on who gets the dollars and where the dollars stay," councilman James Tate said.

City council listened to what people had to say on Tuesday for the first time since they voted to extend the ban on recreational marijuana shops in Detroit.

The deadly was originally set for Jan. 31, but the city council voted to push it back until March 31 to make sure the money spent on recreational marijuana will go back to the city and the people of Detroit.

“The industry should not move forward without Detroiters owning the majority of the cannabis businesses. Thank you, councilman Tate for recognizing we must get the right to ensure black and brown cannabis access,” Mitzi Rudock said.

Rudock is with the Black Cannabis Access and Advancement Alliance.

“I applaud you for not being pressured by big businesses to get this right, take as much time as needed,” Tyrus Swear said.

Some citizens said they want to buy and sell recreational marijuana in Detroit now.

“Could you please release the draft ordinance that’s been sitting around? Could you please start working on that zoning now,” Peter Rhodes, with Green Acrews Woodward Civic Association Board, said.

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