‘The enemy is real’: Detroit police chief details battle with coronavirus (COVID-19)

Detroit police Chief James Craig recovered from coronavirus

DETROIT – Detroit police Chief James Craig is back on the job after a fight with the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“It has been a journey,” Craig said. “This is real."

Craig was never hospitalized. He said he fought the disease and came out with advice for others going through the same battle.

“Get up and move around,” Craig said. “I needed to punch back.”

He also updated the toll COVID-19 is taking on the Detroit Police Department as a whole.

“We have had 709 reported for duty,” Craig said.

But there are still 338 members of the department -- both sworn and civilian -- who are in quarantine. That number has dropped significantly, but it’s still a blow to DPD.

“When I think of our men ... they truly are the heroes,” Craig said.

You can watch Mara MacDonald’s full story in the video posted above.

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