2018 Redford Township murder case closed because offender killed in officer-involved shooting

Offender shot, killed during unrelated incident

Martez Storey-Webb
Martez Storey-Webb (WDIV)

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Investigators have closed a case involving a Redford Township woman who was killed in her home in 2018.

Officials said the offender was killed during an attempt to escape an ambulance on the way to jail while being held on an unrelated case.

Redford Township murder

Neighbors found Donna Rutherford, 65, dead in her home on Oct. 25, 2018 in the 19800 block of Five Points.

Police said foul play was apparent. They believe her murder was the result of a home invasion or robbery. At the time there were no immediate suspects.

Donna Rutherford
Donna Rutherford

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The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled that Rutherford’s death was a homicide as result of stabbing. Blunt force trauma was also found.

Redford police conducted a year-long investigation with the assistance of the Michigan State Police, FBI-Violent Gang Task Force, the Action Auto Theft Task Force, and the United States Secret Service.

Suspects identified

Investigators used phone records and surveillance video near the scene to identify two suspects in December of 2018: Martez Storey-Webb, 25, and his juvenile girlfriend who was 16 years old at the time.

Martez Storey-Webb was deceased when he was identified as a suspect in Rutherford’s murder.

Martez Storey-Webb
Martez Storey-Webb (Redford Township police)

November 2018 home invasion

Martez-Webb, his juvenile girlfriend and his brother, Anthony Webb, were suspected of a home invasion and homicide in Detroit in early November 2018.

During that home invasion Anthony Webb was shot and killed, and Storey-Webb was shot, both by the intended victim of the home invasion.

Storey-Webb and his girlfriend were arrested by Detroit Police after claiming to be victims of an armed robbery. Storey-Webb was taken to Ascension-St. John Hospital. The girlfriend was placed in juvenile detention.

Attempted escape on Nov. 23

Several days later, Storey-Webb was being transported from the hospital to the jail when he made an escape attempt in an ambulance on I-94 in Detroit.

Storey-Webb was shot and killed by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy that was guarding him during the transfer.

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Investigators said that the girlfriend was an eyewitness to the murder of Rutherford and Storey-Webb killed her.

The case was submitted to the prosecutor’s office and after a review a warrant against the girlfriend was denied. Prosecutor’s said there was no evidence to support that she had participated in the murder.

The Redford Police Department has officially closed this case due to the “death of offender.”

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