Clawson gym owner isn’t in a rush to reopen amid COVID-19 pandemic

Will McCray said he supports Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

CLAWSON, Mich. – For weeks, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has been getting backlash for not reopening the state fast enough amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

As more businesses across the state choose to reopen in defiance of the order, one local gym owner said he agrees with the governor.

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Will McCray, 35, knows his way around a gym. He’s been working out pretty much all of his life and decided to turn his love for fitness into a career. He’s a personal trainer and he owns his own gym, it’s called Will Power Fitness Group in Clawson.

“We offer everything from strength and conditioning to boxing, kick boxing self defense, cross fit as well,” McCray said.

Recently, he had to shut his doors because Whitmer issued a stay-at-home order to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

So now, he’s only offering online training for his clients. He has about 200 members -- but only half of them are working out at home.

“Members, clients have been responding pretty well. Of course you’re not able to do everything you’re used to do in the gym,” McCray said.

McCray said he’s able to be creative and make things work with his clients. He’d rather do training this way, instead of opening up right now.

“You’re hearing it from me, right here, right now, I endorse Governor Whitmer and all of her actions that she’s taking to keep everybody safe. I can take the financial hit all day, as long as everyone is safe and healthy,” McCray said.

McCray said he will take extra safety measures when it’s time to open back up. He will will take everyone’s temperature when they get to the gym. He will also do appointment only, to monitor the traffic coming in and out.

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