Tim Pamplin tours mid-Michigan flood damage: ‘Roof of a house. No idea where rest of the house is’

See ground video of flood damage in Midland County

Flood damage in Sanford, Michigan, on May 20, 2020.
Flood damage in Sanford, Michigan, on May 20, 2020. (WDIV)

MIDLAND COUNTY, Mich. – Local 4′s Tim Pamplin is in mid-Michigan to see the damage caused by two dam failures that led to catastrophic flooding across the area.

What Tim discovered is shocking.

The power of the water sheared the metal siding off a Dollar General store in Sanford.

AERIAL VIDEO: Complete devastation caused by dam failures in mid-Michigan

“Beyond these bushes you see the roof of a house,” Tim said. “No idea where the rest of the house is, but that’s where the roof ended up.”

A camper was moved across town by the floods.

The inside of the Dollar General was completely destroyed, with groceries and shelves thrown on the floor.

Tim found a main road that had been turned into a river by running water. He went to Downtown Sanford, finding the post office and restaurants almost completely underwater.

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Road signs and buildings were barely poking out from the water.

He also got video of the Sanford Dam and the debris that’s built up against it.

You can see his videos below.

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