Boys in group home hold out hope for adoption during COVID-19 pandemic

DETROIT – Imagine having 14 boys under one roof during this pandemic all trying to learn, be entertained and keep their hopes up for adoption.

A hope that has been stalled during this health crisis.

An afternoon under the sun playing basketball fuels the boys. It gives them fresh air, time to play and to take a break from reality.

The boys at Christ Child House in Detroit have to be resilient. It’s a safe place for young boys, many who have dealt with abuse, neglect, violence or not being wanted. Inside they can rebuild their lives, reconstruct their dreams and find a forever home.

The hopes of adoption have stalled due to COVID-19.

Employees said the transition to homeschooling for the boys has been easy. Routines were set up and followed.

The boys said they miss their outings to places like the roller rink or to a park, but the staff says donations have helped them keep the boys entertained with Lego sets, movies, music and more.

They’re hoping to rebuild the Christ Child House backyard to give the boys more to do and a better place to escape.

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