Protesters announce new demands, plan public tribunal for Detroit leaders

DETROIT – There have been 15 days of protests in Detroit.

Saturday’s protest started off just like the last 14 days. About a couple of hundred people met at Detroit Police Department first, but before marching, organizers with ‘Detroit Will Breathe’ announced an addition to their growing demands.

“Detroit Will Breathe is holding a public Tribunal next Saturday,” said Nakia Wallace with Detroit Will Breathe.

Organizers Nakia Wallace and Tristian Taylor tell Local 4, they plan on putting both Mayor Mike Duggan and Detroit Police Chief James Craig on trial next Saturday. They want to question them about how things unfolded over the first couple of days of protests, “We’re going to be particularly focusing on the Tuesday, where over 100 people were arrested for no reason by DPD and excessive force was used but also paying attention to the events leading up to that,” said Nakia Wallace.

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“I think it’s going to be really important for people who were protesting against police brutality to talk about their experiences with their engagement with Detroit Police,” said Tristian Taylor with Detroit Will Breathe.

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But Tristian Taylor said they’re not stopping there -- they’re also calling out Detroit City Council just days before their vote about the facial recognition program on Tuesday.

“We want people to call in into city council to demand that they not renew their contract,” said Taylor.

Chief James Craig mentioned several times his officers only used tear gas and riot gear after his officers were provoked by the protestors. He said the protestors threw bricks and rail road spikes at the officers. Also they violated the city wide curfew of 8 p.m.

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