Metro Detroit podcaster visits suburban police stations to discuss race relations

Podcaster has made trips to Westland, Livonia and Royal Oak police departments

Local podcaster hopes to raise awareness about police brutality through discussions

DETROIT – Seven Mile radio host Marc D’Andre has been making his way around to police stations all throughout the suburbs of Detroit.

“We know that in a lot of cities outside of Detroit the Metro Detroit area we have some cultural a lot of racial profiling and racism by hands of the police. This is just kind of our way of contributing to the solution as opposed to the problem,” said D’Andre.

So far he’s been to Westland, Livonia and Royal Oak Police departments -- all a part of a documentary being filmed where D’Andre has an open conversation about race relations and how African Americans are handled by the police.

“We know that this is an ongoing issue that's been going on well before, or the George floor situation. This is more so like a documentary than me and my partner's putting together. Just to kind of help, you know expose some of the situations that's going on,” added D’Andre.

The goal is to help find a solution and some type of common ground for both groups to live in harmony. However, D’Andre believes it’s going to take a different approach.

“It seems like we’re fighting this battle with old weapons, you know, we’re still doing it the old way we’re not coming up with any new methods,” said D’Andre.

The next two stations D’Andre plans on visiting are Troy and Dearborn. He also says he specifically wants to head out to Downriver communities for the same thing.

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