Detroit police investigating Greektown arrest for use of excessive force

Video of arrest is being shared on social media

Detroit police are investigating an altercation in Greektown.

DETROIT – Video of officers with the Detroit Police Department making an arrest in Greektown is being shared on social media.

The video shows a woman being manhandled by a Detroit police officer.

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“It was like 100 people down there. Everybody seen it, it was crazy,” said witness Will Malone.

The officer involved is under investigation as police work to get to the bottom of if his actions were necessary.

“He was just using his manly force. He dropped her to ground,” Malone said.

The turmoil was captured on cell phone video on Sunday night by Malone, following at fight between a man and a woman. An officer comes in to break up the altercation. The video shows the woman involved throwing the first blow, striking the officer.

“He probably was irritated but the force he used. He didn’t have to use all of that,” Malone said.

The officer is seen shoving another woman -- using an obscenity while knocking her to the ground.

“He said, ‘FU.’ I really didn’t agree with that. She didn’t do nothing. She was right there with her friend. He definitely didn’t need to do that,” Malone said.

The woman continues to yell until she’s taken away.

A spokesperson with the police department told Local 4 that they take all allegations of excessive force or misconduct very seriously. If they find any wrongdoing during the investigation, they’ll be sure to take the appropriate action.

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“That wasn’t right,” Malone said.

Police said told the woman arrested later bit one of the officers after she was taken into custody.

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