Couple charged with felonious assault after woman points gun at family outside Orion Township Chipotle

Incident happened Wednesday

ORION TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A couple is facing felonious assault charges after a White woman pulled a gun on a Black mother and her two daughters at an Orion Township Chipotle.

The woman and her husband went before a judge on Thursday.

Officials said the woman was leaving Chipotle with her food and the mother and her daughters were going in. Somehow there was a bump between them as they passed each other and that’s what allegedly sparked the incident.

It happened on Wednesday at about 6 p.m. in a quiet shopping area outside a Chipotle Mexican Grill on Baldwin Road.

Jillian Deanne Wuestenberg (L), Eric Peter Wuestenberg (R)
Jillian Deanne Wuestenberg (L), Eric Peter Wuestenberg (R) (Oakland County Sheriff's Office)

Video shows Jillian Wuestenberg, 32, at the end of what turned into a screaming standoff in the parking lot, pointing a gun at the mother and her daughters.

Eric Wuestenberg, 42, was also armed and has been fired from his job at Oakland University. Both Wuestenbergs are registered Concealed Pistol License holders.

Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputies were there almost immediately after calls were placed to 911.

According to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, the couple claimed to fear for their lives after their vehicle was struck with a hand by the other party.

You can watch the video from YouTube below -- warning: There is explicit language.

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