‘People are just mad': There have been 13 road rage shootings in Metro Detroit in 3 weeks

'We haven’t seen things like this,' Mike Shaw said

DETROIT – It’s a number police can’t remember seeing in the past -- 13 road rage shootings in Metro Detroit over the last three weeks.

“We haven’t had this many road rage incidents without firearms, let alone with firearms, we haven’t seen things like this -- where people are just mad about something,” Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw said.

The freeway shootings are happening, in most cases, because of everyday agitations on the road.

“A simple lane violation, disrespecting someone, somebody looked at them wrong -- going too fast or too slow,” Shaw said.

Police said in nearly all of the shootings, an illegal firearm was involved. So far, there have been 12 shootings in Wayne County and one in Oakland County.

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