New website featuring Livonia Police Department policies, data launched after groups call for transparency

Livonia leaders recently disputed billboard message about racial profiling

A Livonia police vehicle (WDIV)

LIVONIA, Mich. – The Livonia Police Department unveiled a new website Friday featuring department policies and 2019 data.

The initial release of information can be found on the Police and Community Together website.

Livonia Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan’s office says the PACT website offers an overview of traffic citations, arrests, use of force incidents, use of deadly force incidents, citizen complaints, and department demographics, alongside specific policy excerpts related to use of force and non-bias training.

The launch of the PACT website is a response to conversations between the Department, the Livonia Human Relations Commission and Western Wayne NAACP, which led to requests for information and data to be posted.

It also comes after Livonia leaders disputed a billboard message about racial profiling.

The billboard read, “Driving While Black? Racial profiling just ahead. Welcome to Livonia.” The group that bought it is called Livonia Citizens Caring About Black Lives.

That group has been part of a months long effort to get traffic stop data from the police department through Freedom of Information Act requests.

“A number of community groups have shown they are willing to work in good faith with the Livonia Police Department, requesting data about the work of our officers and support more informed conversations,” said Curtis Caid, Livonia Chief of Police. “The release of this data is another example of the Livonia Police Department being a leader in our region, setting a high bar for community engagement and transparency.”

“This is still the beginning of the conversation, not the end,” said Brosnan. “I have asked the Livonia Human Relations Commission to create spaces for community conversations about issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in the City of Livonia.”

The increased transparency allows those conversations about policing to be driven by data and policy, Brosnan said, noting that the Livonia Police Department is among the most transparent police forces in the region.

“Through PACT, the Livonia community will have more insight into the Livonia Police Department. I look forward to the Human Relations Commission’s review of this information and data and to receiving their recommendations on next steps,” Brosnan said.

“As the Chairperson of the Human Relations Commission,” said Rich Glover, “I appreciate Chief Caid and Mayor Brosnan’s leadership as they release data and information moving this conversation in the right direction. Our Commission has made a number of requests of the Police Department (as we will with other departments), and this release of data and Department policies is just the start of our trusted partnership to make progress in Livonia.”

“The numbers are going to guide future policy decisions,” Brosnan said. “We will be spending time reviewing them and their impact on our community in the days and weeks ahead. Livonia, like the rest of the nation, has a chance to do better and we will. We always do.”

The Livonia PACT website, which links directly through the Livonia Police Department website will be releasing further data and policies in the days ahead. The site will also be updated to include a dashboard tracking Department data moving forward.

“Our City is no exception to national conversations about racism and inequality, and I take seriously my role as Mayor in ensuring progress is made on these issues in Livonia,” Brosnan said.

Sen. Dayna Polehanki (D-Livonia) released the following statement on the city’s release of police data:

“Livonia residents and visitors expect safety and equal protection under the law. We place great trust and responsibility with our police department. On account of that responsibility, it is incredibly important that the department is transparent and open with the community it serves.

“I applaud Livonia Mayor Maureen Brosnan for releasing data about police traffic citations, arrest data, use of force incidents and department policies. Some of the data that has been released related to the Livonia Police Department is troubling, and I am glad that the city will conduct an examination to determine the extent that biased behavior impacts people of color. I look forward to seeing the city’s plans to address this issue going forward.”

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