Teenager critically injured in hit-and-run Livingston County crash

Parents want justice for son

Vehicle sought in hit-and-run crash that left teen injured

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Mich. – Police are asking for help with finding out who left a teen critically injured after hitting him in the streets. 

A 17-year-old Howell resident had so much to look forward to with his bright future. However, life is going to slow down for Lewis Higgins, the victim of a hit-and-run. His parents are frustrated and looking for answers.

“He’s a good kid and somebody hit him and did not stop.

“Like how do you know you hit another human being and not stop?” the victim’s mother, Tammy Higgins, asked while crying.

It is a question Higgins has been asking herself over and over again after her son was hit Sunday night while bike riding on Bull Run Road.

“My son’s back tire of his bike was all the way to where the seat is when we saw the bike,” she said.

Witnesses say it was a newer model white Ford F-150 that hit Lewis and crashed. Apparently the driver spoke to people nearby and then decided to keep on traveling.

“They got themselves out of the ditch and they took off,” said Higgins. 

From a University of Michigan hospital room, Lewis’ parents spoke about how hard it has been to get through the whole thing.

Although the teen is alert, he still has brutal injuries to overcome.

The teen has already seen 15 doctors. While the teen is recuperating his mother has a message for the driver.

“If it was your loved one, your son, your brother, your niece, nephew, anyone in your family, what would you want someone to do for them? Maybe they were texting, maybe they were drinking, you know, and that’s what’s scary, but you respect a human,” said Higgins.

Local 4 has been told that Lewis was supposed to be attending Eastern Michigan University on a scholarship. Those with any information on the car suspected of hitting the teen are being asked to contact the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department.

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