Protesters gather at Trenton City Hall to reject McLouth Steel zoning changes

Shuttered steel plant sits on Detroit River across from Grosse Ile

TRENTON, Mich. – It’s another chapter of the ongoing battle on what to do with the McLouth Steel Site, Downriver in Trenton.

About two dozen people protested outside Trenton City Hall Sunday afternoon voicing their concerns against what they said is a decision that will harm the future of Trenton.

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Many neighbors said they’re against a proposal recommending the city’s waterfront property to industrial use.

People in Trenton said that is a disruptive and environmentally damaging plan for the land. The former Steel Site is now owned by Crown Enterprises which is a subsidiary of the Moroun Family. The city is entertaining a proposal to turn the site to waterfront industrial district, which will be designed for large scale or specialized industrial operations.

Many don’t agree, “We’re here today because the city of Trenton, the planning commission has recommended to pass a rezoning ordinance to turn the mixed use zoning for that property and the entire water front into a category called Industrial Water front. That would include intermodal shipping, and other heavy other industrial options, like semi-truck, plane traffic, air pollution, noise pollution,” said Ryan Stewart.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Contrary to rumors in the community, there are no official plans for the site. Trenton City Council is supposed to vote on the topic Monday night at 7 p.m.”

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