Back-to-school shopping: Students need more than usual this year

Expert urges parents to get sanitizing hand wipes

DETROIT – For many parents, it’s time to start back-to-school shopping.

Some students will return to school full time, others will do a mix of online and in person learning. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic still a concern, parents are shopping for more than just backpacks and pens.

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Consumer expert Matt Granite said every student heading back to school should keep a package of sanitizing hand wipes with them.

“Parents should look for wipes that have at least 75 percent alcohol to kill viruses and germs,” Granite said.

Sanitizing wipes can be difficult to find. Matt Granite suggests looking online.

“You can’t wait three months for delivery. School starts soon, and you need them now,” Granite said.

He suggested a website called PurWell, a link is available here.

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