Royal Oak residents considering legal action after repeated flooding

Metro Detroit residents frustrated with dirtied streets, damaged homes after flooding

Flooding causes issues for home owners across Metro Detroit

ROYAL OAK, Mich. – Metro Detroit saw its share of rain, fallen trees, power outages and flooding overnight.

It’s been a frustrating day in several Metro Detroit neighborhoods as flooding has caused a mess of trash on some streets and damaged homes.

Like many of her neighbors, Noelle Ehlers’ basement flooded again Friday morning, destroying everything.

“I started feeling comfortable putting stuff down there,” Ehlers said.

The Royal Oak mother is reliving a nightmare -- water came gushing into her basement six years ago during the historic flood.

“Bringing back memories when I lost so much,” Ehler said.

In 2016, the city installed a new relief catch basin on Windmere Avenue, but the mayor pointed out this sewer directly connects to the “12 Town System” which means more pressure in this area during a heavy rainfall.

“I’m mad at the city,” Ehlers said. “They said they would fix it, clearly it’s not been fixed.”

She said many neighbors are now considering legal action against the city.

“We’re upset residents,” Ehlers said. “We pay taxes and now we have deal with it again.”

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