Students upset after Oakland Schools trade program abruptly canceled

Students trying to fill gap in their academics

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – There are 61 Oakland Schools students suddenly trying to fill a major gap in their academics.

Oakland Schools canceled one of its trade programs at Northwest Technical Campus, telling students they lost the teacher.

Update: Oakland Schools to still offer recently-cut trade program after students speak out

According to students who have been with the teacher for a year, the teacher had concerns about coronavirus (COVID-19) and wanted to teach the online class from home.

Students believe the school board wouldn’t budge, resulting in the visual imaging program getting cut.

The Oakland Schools visual imaging program dates back to 1972. Canceling it for the school year is taking an emotional toll, because it’s so important for Oakland Schools students’ academic and professional careers.

Students got a letter from the dean stating that they lost their instructor and were unable to find a qualified replacement.

The students said their teacher didn’t want to teach the online class at school to protect her child who has underlying health issues. The district said no.

Several emails and calls to school staffers and the dean from Local 4 went unanswered on Friday.

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