Wayne-Westland school officials work to make sure students can learn remotely

Paraprofessionals, teachers, janitors and more help distribute devices to students

Wayne-Westland Community School District staff help distribute devices to students

WESTLAND, Mich. – It’s a challenge that has been playing out in several school districts with so many students needing devices for remote learning.

The supply chain hasn’t been able to keep up, so one school district is pulling together to answer the call for help.

For the Arnold family, the first days of virtual learning have been tough as they’ve been sharing one computer between the three of them.

There are a variety of reasons households do not have the devices they need in order for children to learn at home. It is not enough to have a digital device, but the right device to receive lessons, to be able to see the work and to be able to shift to virtual learning…

In the Wayne-Westland Community Schools, it’s not that the district didn’t order the devices, it’s that the supply chains ran out of them since every district is scrambling to get every student what they need.

When a back order arrived Wednesday, it was all hands on deck to distribute. Thursday, the district received 2,500 Chromebooks.

The District isn’t done as it still has grade levels with children who don’t have devices to call their own, but this is an example of the hard work school districts are putting in to to get children educated amid the pandemic.

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