Putting healthcare claims through the Trust Index ahead of Nov. 3 election

A look at ads for John James and Gary Peters

Putting healthcare claims through the Trust Index ahead of Nov. 3 election

DETROIT – With just 40 days before the Nov. 3 election, Sen. Gary Peters (D) and his challenger John James have been ramping up their attacks on each other.

Healthcare remains the top issue among voters in Michigan. Local 4 decided to run two of the most seen claims regarding healthcare through our Trust Index.

John James' plan for healthcare

The first claim is from an ad that’s been running from the Senate Majority Pac. The Super Pac supports Peters.

The ad uses a now-deleted video of James talking about healthcare in 2018. The ad has been running for about a month.

“James' healthcare plan increases the cost of prescription drugs. Charge an age tax on older Americans. Eliminate protections on pre-existing conditions,” the narrator said in the ad.

Local 4 has determined this claim is not true.

Trust index rating: FALSE

The rating is false for a few reasons, but mostly because James doesn’t have an official plan listed on his website.

The ad is likely talking about James' support of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. At the time James shot the video, Republicans had a plan that would have raised prices for some prescription drugs and certain premiums for seniors.

At the time, AARP called the premium hike an “age tax,” three years ago. It was never passed.

James has said he’d advocate for a healthcare plan that’s market-based and protects those with pre-existing conditions.

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Gary Peters' plan for healthcare

Local 4 is looking into allegations from James on Peters' plan for healthcare.

“He’s on an exclusive health plan, politicians is not available to you but you do get to pay for it,” James said in the ad.

Trust index rating: BE CAREFUL

It’s technically an accurate claim, but it does need more context.

The plan James is referring to is the Michigan Legislative Retirement Plan, according to releases from the Michigan Republican Party.

That plan is available to those who serve in the state’s legislature and is used by both Republicans and Democrats who have served the people of Michigan. Peters served in the state senate from 1994 to 2002.

Is it exclusive? Yes. Is it as exclusive as James is portraying it? No.

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