Police records: Paramedics performed CPR for 30 minutes on Southfield woman declared dead, later found alive

Detroit funeral home staff discovered 20-year-old woman breathing

Police records: Paramedics performed CPR for 30 minutes on Southfield woman wrongly declared dead

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – New information from police records received through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) showed that Southfield paramedics tried to revive 20-year-old Timesha Beauchamp for 30 minutes but with no luck.

UPDATE: Southfield woman found alive at funeral home dies at hospital 8 weeks later

Beauchamp’s mother called 911 on Aug. 23 asking for help because she described her daughter as non-responsive.

When 911 asked if she was breathing, her mother said she could not tell.

Beauchamp has cerebral palsy and multiple medical issues. When Southfield Police arrived on the scene, medics were already there.

Paramedics told the investigating officer they had done CPR on Beauchamp for 30 minutes but that she was deceased.

According to the police report, the investigating officer taking the death report said he did not see her breathing or any chest movement.

While Southfield police, fire and emergency personnel were all there, family told the officer they believed Beauchamp had a heartbeat.

Police asked the paramedics to come back inside and check again. They told the family she was deceased but it was possible they would continue to see her chest move because of some of the medication she was on.

The family then contacted James H. Cole Funeral Home, who sent two staff members to collect the body. According to a funeral home staff member, Beauchamp was still breathing when the employee pulled the cover back and notified the family immediately.

Funeral home staff said they had been advised by emergency personnel that they would continue to see her chest move for another hour. The funeral home transported Beauchamp to their facility for embalming but said when they unloaded her, they heard her take a loud gasp for air.

That’s when the funeral home called 911 and Detroit emergency personnel was dispatched. A state investigation as well as a Southfield Fire Department internal investigation is ongoing.

The family has retained attorney Geoffrey Fieger, who said Beauchamp’s is in critical condition.

Two emergency technicians involved in this case have been suspended by the state of Michigan.

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