Popular Halloween attraction in Grosse Pointe Farms closes due to storm damages

Intense winds caused damage to props, venue

GROSSE POINTE FARMS, Mich. – A popular haunted house in Grosse Pointe Farms was hit with a double whammy this year -- in addition to coronavirus complicating things, a summer storm did serious damage to the property.

Glen Williams loves a good scare. Just not the ones they got early this summer when a storm blew through, uprooted a tree and sent it it crashing in the Williams' house and the attractions for this year’s Haunted Garage.

“By Aug. 15, I have to know by that date because I either start or we’re never going to play catch up,” Williams said. “There’s just too much construction that would have to go on. So at that point, we looked at the damage to the property and the house and just the best decision was to say we had to call the season and it hurts.”

Normally the haunting gets underway in the late summer with all sorts of attractions popping up around the garage.

Where scenes of skeleton dinners and purple people eaters would have sat this year now sits a graveyard of props -- and not the kind fans were hoping for.

“Most of the summer has been redoing those broken props and bringing them back,” Williams said.

The garage is filled to the brim with ghosts and ghouls being kept in the dark while the repairs are being made.

Each year the proceeds from the garage go to Grosse Pointe schools, where Williams was a gym teacher. For now, he’s just planning for next year.

Williams didn’t want to give away the plans for next year other than he’ll have a big new attraction coming for 2021.

More information can be found on the Haunted Garage Production website here.

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