Oakland County deputies rush baby to hospital while firefighters perform CPR

‘I commend them for their quick-thinking and partnership,’ says Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard

PONTIAC, Mich.Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies rushed a choking 10-month-old child to a hospital while firefighters from the Waterford Regional Fire Department performed CPR on the child.

Deputies were dispatched to the 100 block of Parkdale Avenue in Pontiac on Sept. 28 on the report of a 10-month-old child who was conscious and not breathing. Deputies arrived and so did crews from the Waterford Regional Fire Department and CPR was started on the child.

Officials said because of the condition of the child, a decision was made to rush the child to McLaren Oakland Hospital instead of waiting for EMS to arrive.

Two firefighters put the child in the back seat of a patrol car and continued to perform CPR while a deputy drove them to the hospital.

Other deputies worked to clear a path for the patrol car to get to the hospital as safely and as quick as possible. The child was able to be resuscitated at the hospital.

Doctors later determined the child choked on something and went into cardiac arrest. Officials said interviews with the parents revealed it was possible the child found drug paraphernalia in the trash and ingested it.

“Watching the dashcam footage of our Deputies and Firefighters working hand-in-hand together to save the life of an innocent 10-month-old child demonstrates the heart and soul of our first responders,” Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard said. “I am incredibly proud of these heroes for relying on their instincts and training during this very stressful moment and I commend them for their quick-thinking and partnership.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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