Detroit NAACP outlines plans to prevent voter intimidation and harassment at polls

Civil rights group threatens to take legal action against those who interfere with voting process

NAACP branch of Detroit outlines plans to fight discrimination at the polls

DETROIT – The Detroit based NAACP branch has major initiatives it plans to execute on Election Day that are aimed at making the voting process fair.

A large group of attorneys will be out working to spot any voter intimidation or harassment at the polls.

Detroit NAACP President Wendell Anthony said that is just one way to prevent voter intimidation.

“We understand that there are people who are bent on suppressing the vote in the City of Detroit, particularly in brown and black communities. We want to make certain that we send out the message that we will not tolerate that. We’ve already put the courts on notice...We understand that there may be people who want to come in and interfere with the voting process. People should not come into the voting polls with armed weapons brandishing them,” said Anthony.

That’s why the NAACP joined a team of attorneys across the city to make sure none of this happens on Election Day at the polls and they’re ready to take legal action just in case.

“We can go to court. We have a hotline with all of the police agencies. We have a hotline with national organizations, the state police even the attorney general’s office. We contact them and say this is what’s going on. If they can’t stop it, we do,” said attorney Chui Karega, NAACP General Counsel.

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