Michigan CBP agency witnesses 1,700 percent increase in drug seizures

This fiscal year 225 people were arrested due to seizures

DETROIT – The US Customs and Border Protection agency in Michigan is continuing its mission of going after illegal activity despite the pandemic.

In 2020 the agency saw a 1,700 percent increase in drug seizures. It also witnessed a 200 percent increase in gun seizures the same year.

This fiscal year 225 people were arrested due to seizures made by CBP with charges that include drug smuggling, human smuggling, illegal firearms and fraud. Some of the items confiscated are alarming.

“This is why we continue to say border security is national security,” said Director of Field Operations, Chris Perry.

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Local 4 News obtained images of a lot of illegal gun and drug items that were seized at the border. They are proof that the CBP has had plenty of success stories in its enforcement actions during this past year.

Officials say 9,059 pounds of marijuana, 211 pounds of cocaine, 15 pounds of fentanyl and nearly two pounds of meth were all seized from a combination of people coming and leaving the country.

Officials say the 1,736 percent increase in seized marijuana and 227 percent in weapons were seized at the five ports across Michigan.

There were also enough guns and ammo seized to supply a small army. That includes 200 firearms with over 5,000 rounds of ammunition.

But what is the reason for the spike in illegal items coming into and leaving the country?

Perry believes it has to do with the pandemic.

“These folks are worried about getting these items into the country because of COVID,” said Perry.

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