Detroit woman says package stolen from her home was for families in need

Her home has been targeted multiple times, she says

Detroit woman says thieves keep targeting home

DETROIT – A Detroit woman said she took matters into her own hands after someone was stealing her packages.

After getting a Ring doorbell camera, she finally caught a woman stealing her latest package off her door step.

“They just literally pulled in my driveway as if they lived there. They were pretty brazen about the whole situation. I just don’t understand it,” said Aisha Harris. “I’m looking and I see a car in my driveway and I see someone get out the door, open up the door, and I see her bend down and get something. So now I’m out the shower. I run to the door and I’m opening up the door. I see her walking away with my package,” Harris said.

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But Harris said the package wasn’t for her. It’s for families she’s helping out this holiday season.

“One of those gifts was for a young man -- a very expensive gift -- that I have sponsored, and I have been waiting for that gift for a long time. It finally came and it was stolen,” she said.

Thieves have targeted Harris’ house multiple times.

“Starting from Nov. 3 was probably the first package that was stolen, and since then up until the day before yesterday, a total of six.  Everyone is struggling and then for you to sit up here and take from less fortunate children, that right there is the kicker,” she said. “Even after you saw what was in the package you didn’t bring it back. I know you’ve seen the post on Facebook, on Crime in the D. You know what you did. For you to do that is foul. So now this young man probably has to wait until after Christmas for me to actually get what he wanted.”

Detroit police are reviewing the video.

You can watch the full report in the video posted above.