Community leaders in Metro Detroit get vaccinated against COVID-19 to dispel myths

DETROIT – There is fear and mistrust about the coronavirus vaccine, especially among some people of color. Their mistrust in the public health system is long and well documented.

Rev. Wendell Anthony is trying to express to the community why he feels so strongly about getting the vaccine. He is the president of the Detroit chapter of the NAACP.

“It was easy no problem didn’t hurt, no reaction to it, I got it. Along with my wife, she got in as well. And so we’re both feeling good and feeling fine,” he said.

He said he knows people are skeptical and that’s why he’s speaking out.

“It’s about not only your health, but my health. Because we want to beat this down and right now. We are dying. Black and Brown people are dying by lack of access,” he said.

Dr. Kimberlydawn Wisdom is the Chief Wellness and Diversity Officer at the Henry Ford Hospital. She said they’re working with faith-based groups to build trust in the vaccine and medical community. Showing people like Rev. Anthony getting the vaccine goes a long way in dispelling some of the myths.


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