Shots fired during pursuit on Detroit’s west side after police witness hit-and-run

K-9 units helped track suspects, police say

Detroit police say officers have been shot at 4 separate times this week.

DETROIT – It’s been a dangerous week for Detroit Police officers.

Saturday was the fourth time in seven days that suspects had fired shots at officers.

“It’s a very dangerous, dangerous time for police officers across this country and particularly here in the city of Detroit,” said Detroit Police Commander Darin Szilagy.

According to authorities, just after 5 a.m. Saturday, officers witnessed a car back into another vehicle -- near the intersection of Winthrop Street and Davison -- and flee the scene.

ORIGINAL STORY: Detroit police investigate shooting that targeted officers

“At that point, the officers attempted to pull the vehicle over to no avail. The car continued to drive away from the officers,” said Detroit Police Commander Darrell Patterson. “A few moments later, someone from the passenger side of the Black LeSabre that they were following, ended up firing shots out of the window at the officers.”

Patterson said the officers continued to pursue the vehicle when the car pulled up to a curb and stopped.

“At that point, everybody inside of the vehicle opened all the doors and begin running away from the officers,” Patterson said. “The male then leaned out of the vehicle and fired shots, or led to fire shots at the officers.”

He said the gunman tried to runaway and pointed his weapon at the police, who fired back but didn’t strike him.

Police said K-9 units tracked three of the suspects to a nearby home on Montrose Street.

“Three females were found at that location hiding in the backyard,” Patterson said. “One of the females was an adult, the other two females were juveniles.”

The K-9 officer tracked another suspect and took officers to a different home in the area, where police said was the address of the vehicle was registered to.

”The supervisor that was initially on the scene kept negotiating and was able to get several people to come out,” Szilagy said. “They were very reluctant to come out. We finally got eight people out of the house.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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