2 people stabbed in large St. Patrick’s Day crowd in Greektown

Police seek suspect in nonfatal stabbing

2 people stabbed in middle of large crowd on St. Patrick's Day night in Greektown
2 people stabbed in middle of large crowd on St. Patrick's Day night in Greektown

DETROIT – Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations in Greektown turned violent Wednesday when two people were stabbed in the middle of a large crowd just as the bars were letting out.

The victims are going to survive, but the video is now raising concerns about easing restrictions.

Detroit Police are looking for a man they said stabbed two men during a fight in Greektown. He was wearing a bright green jacket and hat. Both victims are 28 years old.

“There was a street brawl and one of the persons involved ended up stabbing one gentleman and another gentleman,” said Captain Jevon Johnson, with Detroit Police.

The video showed the man in the green jacket, swing at the two men and then he runs up to one of them and stabs him.

“We had officers just one block away that made the scene right away,” Johnson said. “We were able to get them the medical attention that they needed.”

The video also showed a large crowd with many people not wearing masks nor practicing social distancing. That’s an issue for Alesha Brembery, who works in Greektown.

“I think we still need to stay away from big crowds in order for us to be able to combat and get over it,” Brembery said. “I know they’re trying to ease up some of the restrictions, at sometime we have to get back to some type of normalcy at some point, but we have to be cautious and be smart about what we do and how we do it.”

Meanwhile Detroit Police said they’re ramping up patrols as the weather gets warmer and more COVID restrictions are lifted.

“We also have foot patrol, in our traffic enforcements. We think that those strategies tend to overall work. The businesses -- for the most part -- have been extremely helpful in enforcing the regulations in their businesses, so that’s where it starts. It starts with the community,” Johnson said. “Definitely, when you’re in crowds, try the best you can to social distancing. Definitely encourage mask wearing. It’s definitely mandatory to wear them inside the establishments.”

Police said the suspect left the scene in a Blue Ford Fusion with a temp sticker in the back.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Detroit Police Department at 313-596-1340 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-Speak-Up.

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