7-year-old boy reunited with family after carjacking in Detroit

Police still looking for suspect, vehicle

7-year-old boy reunited with family after carjacking

DETROIT – Brenda Stinson was looking out her window when she saw a little boy running as if his life depended on it.

“I was like ‘What’s wrong?’ He was so scared and frightened,” she said.

Stinson, who lives near Clay Street and Interstate 75, had never seen the little boy before and thought he was lost. She asked him whether he knew how to call his mom or dad and then called 911. Police were there in minutes.

Original Report: Detroit police recover 7-year-old who was in vehicle during carjacking

This all starred at the Mobil gas station near I-75 and Warren Avenue. The child was in his father’s white 2010 Chevy Impala. While the father was inside the store, police say a man with a short afro, black t-shirt, royal blue pants with a cast on one leg and using a walker came up to the car and drove off in it with the 7-year-old boy inside.

He dumped the child about three miles away and kept driving. That’s when Stinson saw the child.

After police came to get him, the family went to the Detroit Police Department’s Seventh Precinct. Detroit emergency personnel came to check the child, who is OK.

Unfortunately, the carjacker is still on the loose and the Impala has not yet been recovered.

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