Michigan state Rep. Jewell Jones takes to social media after Tuesday crash, arrest

Authorities remain tight-lipped about investigation

Michigan Rep. Jewell Jones takes to social media after crash, arrest

HOWELL, Mich. – State Rep. Jewell Jones took to social media after his arrest on Tuesday.

Original Story: Michigan state Rep. Jewell Jones under investigation following collision on I-96

Jones was reportedly found Tuesday at the scene of a collision on I-96 in Fowlerville. He allegedly was taken into police custody and housed at the Livingston County Jail in Howell. He was released Wednesday afternoon as authorities wait on test results.

The Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office has not made any decisions on charges, but the state Rep. took to social media Friday and posted a photo of himself with two black eyes.

It is unclear how Jones received them. So far, he has said he is not interested in an interview over what took place on I-96.

Michigan State Police said officers responded to a crash Tuesday and the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office was called for back up, but the situation was under control by the time deputies arrived.

In 2018, Jones was charged with having open intoxicants in his car in 2018, but he was not drunk at the time. He was also involved in a crash on I-96 in 2017 near Fowlerville Road, where he collided into an MSU student.

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