Safe and Secure Project hosts class about gun safety hoping to prevent accidental shootings

Class to be held on May 12

Instructors aim to teach parents, kids about gun safety

DETROIT – Spencer Johnson with the Safe and Secure Project said he wants to teach both adults and children about gun safety through a new class.

“We got devastated hearing the news of minors getting ahold of firearms, causing harm to themselves and loved ones,” Johnson said. “We wanted to take action so hopefully putting this class together we can educate some kids and parents. Take the curiosity out of firearms with the kids and hopefully educated everybody to prevent these things from happening in the future.”

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There have been several incidents in Detroit involving children and accidental shootings. One happened Wednesday on Prairie Street on the city’s west side. Police said a 7-year-old boy accidentally shot himself.

Johnson said parents should, and need, to have a discussion with their children about gun safety. He said parents should tell their children, “If you do find a firearm please reach out to a parent, find the nearest adult. You’ll alert them immediately. Do not touch a firearm until an adult is present. Hands off, leave it there, find an adult or a parent and alert them to come pick up the firearm. Make sure it’s unloaded.”

Maliq Hicks is a gun instructor. He has children of his own. He said gun safety starts with the adults.

“We have to take responsibility and also taking responsibility starts by taking action. So first, and foremost, let’s not make it a taboo conversation. OK, if you have a firearm and if you have the firearm in the home. Let’s speak to the children about not just, ‘Do not touch without the permission of an adult.’ But also let’s speak about what a firearm is. What it’s capable of and the meaning, why we have firearms,” Hicks said.

The class is on May 12 from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.

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