Warren police officer fired over racist Facebook posts

Ex-officer fired after internal affairs investigation

Warren police officer fired after racist Facebook comments

WARREN, Mich. – An officer from the Warren Police Department has been fired after reportedly making racist comments on his personal Facebook account.

Warren police Commissioner William Dwyer announced Tuesday morning that a police officer has been fired after making racially inflammatory comments on the social media platform. The officer’s identity has not been revealed, though officials have identified him as male.

The officer reportedly got into a heated conversation with another Facebook user, Tamia Brooks, who found the officer’s comments appalling.

In his comments, the now-former officer reportedly claimed that Black people are the most racist in the world, they are all lost, Black on Black crime is beyond repair, Black men don’t support their children and more hateful rhetoric. He ended the comment by saying that he was glad he wasn’t born Black, because he’d kill himself.

Brooks said she looked the man up online after reading his remarks, and found that he worked for the Warren Police Department. She sent a screenshot of the comments to the department, which they received and promptly launched an internal affairs investigation. The officer reportedly deleted the comments shortly after.

The ex-police officer was placed on administrative leave last week amid the investigation.

The police department issued a statement Tuesday morning, saying that the city and its police department do not condone and will not tolerate racism.

“These types of actions will not be tolerated by Commissioner Dwyer or by the City of Warren Police Department. They do not reflect the men and women of this Department, nor the values of this Department.

“This appropriate action demonstrates how seriously the City of Warren Police Department views statement or acts of racism by any of its members. They will not be tolerated.

“Commissioner Dwyer wants the public to be assured that Warren Police Department Personnel will be held accountable for such behavior whether occurring on or off duty. This behavior is simply wrong and strains police-community relationships and tarnishes the men and women of the Warren Police Department who dutifully go to work every day and serve all citizens with pride and professionalism, regardless of race.

“The City of Warren and the Warren Police Department do not condone racism in any manner.”

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