Dearborn families try to salvage belongings in aftermath of severe flooding

Cleanup continues Monday

Metro Detroit residents work to clean up from flooding
Metro Detroit residents work to clean up from flooding

DEARBORN, Mich. – The cleanup continues for countless families hoping to bounce back from a round of heavy rain that has caused major flooding throughout Metro Detroit.

“Everything in my house, everything in the basement in gone. Washer, dryer, refrigerator, everything is gone,” Mohamad Ramadan said.

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“My brother’s furnace stopped working. Basically everything in the basement was garbage and trash,” Zaynab Ali said.

Ali and her family were completely taken off guard when the water started to literally pour into her basement from the outside. Dozens of cars are also total losses the because of damage inside and under the hood.

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“My sister’s car was here. It got up to the hood, above the headlights and by morning, her car stopped working,” Ali said.

Just across the street, Kassem Zreik’s elderly parents are dealing with a similar situation.

“The literally walked downstairs into the basement and they seen their couches and their clothing, TV -- floating,” Zreik said.

With more unpleasant weather in the forecast, in the form of heavy rain - some are truly afraid about what the future may hold.

“This is the second flood in roughly 10 years now,” Zreik said.

“It’s frustrating because this happened back in 2014, but this year it shouldn’t have happened again,” Ali said.

The next obstacle these people will have to get over is going to be the aftermath of all this flooding is the potential mold that will now be left behind. That in itself is a major health hazard.

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Severe weather began Friday and more wet weather is expected this week.
Severe weather began Friday and more wet weather is expected this week.

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