Lawyers behind Michigan election fraud lawsuit face sanctions

No punishments handed down in court on Monday

Lawyers behind election fraud lawsuit face sanctions

DETROIT – In the wake of last year’s election they swooped in and sued making wild claims of widespread voter fraud with little to no evidence.

On Monday, the lawyers behind the so-called Kraken lawsuit appeared in federal court facing possible sanctions.

It was a long day in court that was at times more than a little heated.

While there were no punishments handed down on Monday this was the first time a court has got the lawyers together to face the possibility of punishment.

It comes as calls for a so-called forensic audit of Michigan’s election continues to grow once again pitting reality against fantasy.

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High profile attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood along with four Michigan lawyers were in federal court.

The judge holding off on doling out sanctions over the unfounded claims the 2020 election was stolen that were allegedly furthered by those attorneys.

The claims were part of the so-called Kraken lawsuit looking to stop or decertify Michigan’s election ultimately overturning the results and were repeatedly debunked or thrown out in court.

Going point by point for hours, the judge said it was their job to do a minimal amount of investigation into the evidence that at one point she called so speculative it was “fantastical.”

“After watching today’s hearing, it remains clear these attorneys refuse to recognize the damage they’ve done by continuing to pursue and defend this lawsuit,” said Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said. “There is a big difference between responsibly advocating for a client and recklessly leveraging legal authority to perpetuate meritless arguments. As attorneys, we must uphold the oath we took to support the Constitution—not abuse it. I appreciate Judge Parker’s diligence in handling our motion and remain confident our request for sanctions will be granted.”

The attorney for Detroit, David Fink, called for the attorneys on the other side to be banned from practicing law. Fink said the attorneys are not free in court to tell lies.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson also commented.

“Courts in Michigan and across the country have affirmed the truth about the integrity and accuracy of the 2020 election by dismissing the dozens of frivolous lawsuits launched by partisan actors with the singular goal of undermining our democracy because their preferred candidate lost,” Benson said.

“If we allow their willful misleading of the public and their purposeful attacks on our democracy go unchecked, then we all lose. Actions have consequences. We will continue working alongside the courts and Attorney General Nessel to see the men and women who attempted to deceive the American public by spreading misinformation are held accountable for those falsehoods, and face theirs.”