Teen recovering after 20-foot fall from rock climbing wall at Wyandotte fair

Police say safety cord snapped causing boy to fall onto concrete

Teen recovering from 20-foot fall from rock climbing wall at Wyandotte fair

WYANDOTTE, Mich. – On Friday, horrified witnesses watched a young teen fall 20-feet from a rock climbing wall at the Wyandotte Street Art Fair.

“Good thing he’s gonna be ok but no one should have to go through that, not even to see it,” said one local man.

Another local woman added, “I would be terrified if it was my child and upset that something like that happened.”

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Police say the safety cord snapped causing the boy to fall onto the concrete.

Deputy Chief Archie Hamilton says the vendor Airborne Bouncers was insured up to a $1 million and signed an agreement assuming liability.

“In that contract they’re telling us everything is safe and we have to go by their word. We are not a regulating agency,” said Hamilton.

Local 4 News has learned Airborne Bouncers was not inspected by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

The state agency said, “This type of activity falls outside the Carnival Amusement Safety Act of 1966, Carnival and Amusement Safety General Rules, and the code that require LARA to inspect Amusement rides and therefore, not subject to an inspection by LARA.”

“This is something that we need an agency, a state agency to regulate, who is ensuring this equipment is in working order,” said Hamilton.

Wyandotte police will report the incident to LARA and have ended the criminal investigation.

Meanwhile, parents say they’re worried this could happen again at another street fair.

“I used to go to them all the time with the kids, but now something like this happens,” added the local woman.

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