Stash Detroit dispensary employees watch as business is demolished after mysterious underground incident

Unknown what caused road to buckle

Southwest Detroit business torn down as investigation continues in road buckling

DETROIT – Monique Boulianne and Kharen Mason can only watch on as the place they worked for quite some time literally crumbles to the ground.

“It’s going to be a sad day for sure. I was there every single day pretty much,” said Boulianne.

“We were really soaring. Our store was incredible on the inside,” said Kharen.

Saturday night the Stash Detroit Medical Marijuana Dispensary’s fate was sealed when an unexplainable turn of events took place over the course of an hour. Just three days later, and because of the extent of the damage due to the ground becoming unleveled, emergency contractors had no choice but to tear the building down.

Video: Crews demolish Stash Detroit dispensary in Southwest Detroit

“It’s still pretty hard. We spent so many months building up our team, getting our team amazing and building up our patient’s trust and everything and not only all the hard work that we did inside the store. So it’s pretty sad to see it come down,” said Boulianne.

The unfortunate part is that there is still no clear answer as to what led to the ground shifting and the road on Dearborn Street to expand in the first place.

“We just want answers. It was our staff’s safety at risk. Look at our beautiful building, you know,” Mason added.

Regardless, the rebuilding won’t be the easiest for the store here on out.

“We know our owners did everything they could for that store and the staff. So it’s a bit somber to see it go down, but I mean, it does give us a lot of hope for the future,” said Boulianne.

The good news is that the dispensary was insured. Local 4 News has been told the business is planning to bounce back stronger than ever.

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