Police ask for assistance in solving crimes as Detroit is named one of the most violent cities

MSP urging people to come forward with information while agency works to boost patrols

MSP is urging people to come forward with information while they boost patrols.

DETROIT – The Michigan State Police have issued a call to arms after Detroit was named by the FBI as one of the most violent cities in the country.

State police said they need tips from the public to get the bad guys off the street so we can build safer communities.

“It’s always disappointing, that’s a list that you don’t want to be on, but not surprising,” said Michael Shaw with Michigan State Police.

FBI: 2020 homicides up nearly 30%, largest 1-year jump ever

The Motor City has a reputation that precedes it -- from the automotive industry to its art and culture -- but there’s one dubious distinction Detroit can’t shake: the violence.

“We’re just not getting tips from the community like we used to and that’s the toughest part because police and community solve crimes together,” said Shaw.

From assaults to homicides and shootings, Detroit continues to be among the most violent big cities in America, according to new FBI data.

“A lot of the violent crime that was happening in our neighborhoods started to just drift down onto the freeways. And we would make contact with the victim Thursday night. We had somebody that was shot, and drove themselves to the hospital and once we got there they didn’t want to cooperate,” said Shaw.

Memphis, Tennessee topped the list, which looks at violent crimes per 100,000 people.

Followed by Detroit, St. Louis, Missouri; Little Rock, Arkansas and South Bend, Indiana rounding out the top five.

“You don’t see cities like Chicago, Los Angeles or anything on there because they have more people to balance this off,” Shaw said. “I don’t want people to think that it’s totally, totally horrible.”

MSP is urging people to come forward with information while they boost patrols.

“We’re supporting the Detroit Police Department. We have detectives on the homicide task force. We’re helping with the drag racing task force, our aviation unit is out there almost every night. But there’s again only so much we can do about it without those tips or without somebody coming forward,” said Shaw.

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