Survey results: Most people celebrating Halloween this year, going trick-or-treating

Viewers share 2021 Halloween plans in ClickOnDetroit survey


The pandemic seems never ending, but one thing’s for certain: Nothing’s stopping Halloween this year.

After the holiday was stifled by COVID in 2020, many people are hoping to make up for lost time with their Halloween celebrations this year. In a survey, we asked our viewers if they planned to celebrate Halloween this year, and respondents overwhelmingly said yes.

Halloween survey results

Of the more than 530 responses we received, 83.7% of people said they plan to celebrate Halloween this year, versus 16.3% of people who aren’t going to.

For those with children, or those who look after children, trick-or-treating is on the menu: 71.6% of respondents said they will be collecting candy, while 28.4% said they won’t be going door-to-door.

For those who are trick-or-treating, 55.1% said they will be taking COVID precautions while out and about, while 44.9% said they will not be taking any precautions.

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Just more than half of our respondents, 55.3%, say they will be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters this year. A smaller group, 14.8%, say they will leave candy out for trick-or-treaters as a non-contact option. Nearly 30% of respondents said they won’t be passing out candy this Halloween.

We also asked our viewers if they believe in ghosts, just because we were curious, and the responses were nearly split evenly: 294 people said they do believe in ghosts, and 250 people said they do not believe.

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