Detectives to interview artist linked to Crumbley family

‘People that live in Oakland County in a warehouse in Detroit completely off a beaten path’

OXFORD, Mich. – It’s great news that a 14-year-old student shot in the neck and chest at Oxford High School was released from the hospital.

However, the memorial continues to grow for the students who lost their lives. Meanwhile, officers are now going even further to investigate the parents of the shooter, and who may have helped them when they were believed to have been on the run.

“It’s certainly out of the ordinary, absolutely. I mean, you’ve got people that live in Oakland County that are in basically a warehouse in Detroit completely off a beaten path. Allegedly they were going to turn themselves in. Well, that’s not exactly where you do it from,” said Sheriff Mike Bouchard.

Bouchard said ever since James and Jennifer Crumbly were found allegedly hiding out in a building on Detroit’s eastside, questions have been raised about why they were there in the first place. Now, a 65-year old artist by the name of Andrzej Sikora is being questioned by the authorities.

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“We have investigated clearly that leads us to believe he helped them get into the location where they were and was a participant in that process into that secured area,” said Bouchard.

Bouchard said it’s going to be ultimately up the the prosecutor to decide if the 65-year-old will be charged with aiding, abetting or obstruction for his role in allegedly helping the Crumbleys stay off the grid.

“Ultimately, we’re going to put together every scrap and piece of information so that an informed decision can be made whether to charge or not,” said Bouchard.

An attorney for the man insists he was only trying to help the Crumbleys stay safe from death threats, but had no idea they’d be staying overnight.

“The Crumbleys came to Mr. Shikora’s studio on Friday morning more so to seek safe haven from threats that they were receiving and wanted a place to stay. But they did not in any way ask him to do anything. He didn’t know that at the time they came to see him that charges had been issued and warrants were requested for them and that they were supposed to be under arrest. He did not know that,” said the Crumbleys’ attorney, Clarence M. Dass.

“That’s going to be the crux of the investigation. Was there an intentional act to aid and abet or obstruct justice? Was there information that he had when he did it? All those factors will be key,” said Bouchard.

All this while a community tries to heal.

All of this remains under investigation. All three Crumbleys are at the Oakland County Jail separated. Both parents are being held on a $500,000 bond. Their son, Ethan Crumbley, also is being held at the same jail.

One 17-year-old student remains at the hospital and is stable.

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