Drivers arrested, tickets issued in Southwest Detroit drag racing bust

Police confiscate 12 vehicles from young drivers Friday night

Detroit police arrested three young drivers and issued several tickets in a drag racing bust on the city's Southwest side.

DETROIT – Police have made several arrests and issued even more tickets after busting a group of drag racers and onlookers Friday in Southwest Detroit.

On Friday night, Detroit police were seen confiscating 12 vehicles near Woodmere Street and Vernor Highway after busting a group of young drivers who were reportedly drifting in a parking lot. Officers arrested three young drivers and issued 20 citations to the drivers and spectators involved.

Police say the confiscated vehicles will likely be forfeited.

“We will try to make sure they don’t get (the cars) back,” said police Commander Brian Harris. “Most importantly, it’ll be a financial cost for retrieving the vehicle, and hopefully it’s to be a lesson learned by the young drivers.

“Drivers who are drifting can face points on their license, as well as the cost of the ticket, and suspension of their driving privileges,” Harris said. “For the spectators, there is usually a cost associated with it, or community service work to keep their records clear.”

Officials also said that one person has been hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries after being hit by two people who were trying to run away from police. That person is expected to be OK.

No other details have been shared at this time.

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