Stellantis announces billions will be invested in Canadian operations

On Monday, the automaker Stellantis announced it will be investing billions of Canadian dollars to upgrade two plants and expand a research center.

The plants located in Windsor and Brampton will have $3.6 billion Canadian dollars ($2.8 billion) invested in them to be upgraded and become more sustainable.

The retooling of these plants will begin in 2023.

“These investments re-affirm our long-term commitment to Canada and represent an important step as we move toward zero-emission vehicles that deliver on our customers’ desire for innovative, clean, safe and affordable mobility,” said Stellantis North America Chief Operating Officer Mark Stewart.

In March, the automaker announced its joint venture with South Korea’s LG Energy Solution. The two companies plan to build an electric vehicle battery factory in Windsor.

This new plant will bring in 2,500 new jobs.

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“Ontario has everything it needs to be North America’s auto manufacturing powerhouse once again,” said Premier Doug Ford. “Where other governments stood by and watched jobs flee this province, we are getting it done and ensuring that cars of the future are made in Ontario by Ontario workers.”

Stellantis was formed last year and is the world’s fourth-largest automaker.

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