4 men will stand trial on murder charges in death of Wayne County Sheriff’s deputy

Judge found there was enough evidence to send them to trial

DETROIT – A judge has determined that there is enough evidence to send four men to trial in the death of an off-duty Wayne County Sheriff’s deputy.

Devante Jones, 23, of Detroit, was shot and killed on Sept. 20, 2021, in a parking lot in the area of East Forest Avenue and the Chrysler Service Drive in Detroit, according to prosecutors.

Jones was dropping someone off at the location when someone fired at his vehicle. He tried to escape but was shot several times. Jones was transported to Detroit Receiving Hospital, where he died from his injuries at 4:48 a.m. Sept. 20, officials said.

Four people were arrested on Oct. 7, 2021, when police served nine search warrants across Michigan, Ohio and Georgia. Malikk Cameron Williams, Gregory Freeman, Christion Bernard White and Kevin Bernard White, all of Detroit, have each been charged with one count of first-degree murder and one felony firearm violation.

From left to right: Malikk Cameron Williams, Gregory Freeman, Christion Bernard White and Kevin Bernard White (Wayne County Prosecutor's Office)

Judge decides the evidence is sufficient for trial

Prosecutors said the men are linked by text messages between them and Jones.

“Each defendant, that they did indeed all work together (inaudible) to take out Mr. Devonte Jones,” Wayne County Assitant Prosecutor Erika Tusar said.

“He said my client had the discovery. Prosecutors saying didn’t have the discovery. That’s my point, he is lying on the stand,” defense attorney Todd Flood said.

Prosecutors said Jones and the defendants all knew each other and argued over text messages, questioning each other’s manhood, allegedly daring Jones to come to face them. When he pulled up, someone opened fire.

“When the victim pulls up they open fire on this Durango,” Tusar said. “They’re shooting at one person in the vehicle.”

The judge found there was enough evidence to send each man to face a murder trial, despite arguments that the men were not involved.

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Devante Jones (WDIV)

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