Dearborn man charged in antisemitic incident has bond revoked after mooning judge

DETROIT – The Dearborn man that has been charged with ethnic intimidation after an antisemitic incident that took place at an Oakland County synagogue has had his bond revoked for another case.

On Tuesday, Hassan Chokr was in front of a Wayne County judge for an emergency bond hearing on separate charges, and Chokr sealed his own fate with another disrespectful courtroom outburst.

During the emergency bond hearing, Chokr mooned the judge who’d released him on bond two and a half years ago over a felony case in Dearborn. Mooning the judge is one of two disrespectful acts that Chokr has done within 24 hours. On Monday, the Dearborn man flipped the judge off with his middle finger.

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Wayne County 3rd District Court Judge Regina Thomas released Chokr on a $10,000 bond in a case where he ended up charged with assault with a deadly weapon and assaulting a police officer.

That case, at the height of covid, came as a result of an angry outburst at the Islamic Center of America on Ford Road, where he allegedly assaulted a female volunteer and ended up with Dearborn police chasing him down the street as he carried a gun. His assaulting a police officer case has yet to go to trial.

“I understand his bond is million dollars in Oakland County. I don’t know if he can make that,” said Thomas.

For Chokr’s recent case, he is facing two felony counts of ethnic intimidation and has a bond set at $1 million. The Dearborn man is to remain in Oakland County Jail.

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