Morning 4: Beloved Michigan toll collector retires after 3 decades of service -- and other top news

Here are the top stories for the morning of May 21, 2023

Meet MDOT, Mackinac Bridge Toll Collector, Pat Rickley (Timothy L Burke, State Of Michigan Department Of Transportation)

Morning 4 is a quick roundup of stories we think you should know about to start your day. So, let’s get to the news.

Miigwech Anishinaabe! Beloved toll collector retires after 3 decades of service at Mackinac Bridge

After 30 years, a beloved toll collector at the Mackinac Bridge has retired.

Read more about Pat Rickley’s journey here.

Flashpoint: Population decline, election encroachment may be the challenges Detroit will face in 2024

Polls show Americans would really rather not see Biden-Trump: The Sequel. And now, we have several efforts at work toward a third party. Now, this is nothing new, and every time a third-party effort builds, its proponents seem to think that it’s the perfect time for a party to supplant the Democrats or Republicans. On a couple of occasions in history, we’ve had what is known as realigning elections.

Watch Flashpoint here.

Indian food truck takes on the streets of Detroit by providing culture, flavor

A couple from India are living the American dream as their food truck is taking on the streets of Detroit by providing culture and flavor.

Learn more about their flavors here.

Will Jones: Do you struggle with parallel parking? 🚗

I turn on my flashers. I shift into reverse. I turn the steering wheel to the left as I lightly press the gas.

Northeasterners are the most confident about parallel parking and Midwesterners are the least confident, according to the survey.

The driving skills test in Michigan requires competency of parallel parking. But there was a push to change that requirement

Read more here.

Weather: What to know about pleasant warmer weather this week in Metro Detroit

Bonus: Taylor Swift ticket sweepstakes: Enter to win 2 tickets to Detroit concert